What’s going on with MEVO at the start of 2011?

Well, volunteers, we recently have received a very generous donation of 33 RECYCLING BINS! These bins will help get the word out there to recycle, as well as to help with our cleanups and partner events.

Additionally, MEVO. is on its way to educate the population on popular recycling techniques, as well as conservation methods to create a better and brighter tomorrow for our natural and sustainable planet. “But what can I do to help?” you may be asking yourself. Well, you can always help this planet by recycling all paper, plastic, metal, and glass, and by picking up litter you happen to see. “But MEVO! I work/go to school in a place that doesn’t have convenient recycling bins! What do I do?” Well, you can always simply take the bottles or cans with you, crush them up and store them in a backpack or pocket, and just wait until you get to some earth-friendly location (i.e. home, other building, etc.). Remember to recycle plastic bags when you’re done with them; don’t just throw them away. Almost everything can be reused.

Also, be sure to tell others the proper methods of recycling. If you catch someone about to throw out a water bottle, tell them to recycle it. Be persistent. This is only the first step in saving this beautiful planet and making this world a better place with a brighter future.

You can also help out by attending one of our Volunteer Events. Feel like recycling isn’t enough? Come clean up with MEVO or join in any of our various other environmental activities!