July 21: Recycling Bin Creation

MEVO is at it again! We will once again be creating our amazing, innovative recycling bins, which will then be distributed to various businesses, schools and households throughout the community! Come out and join us as we turn would-be discarded shipping containers into beautiful, colorful recycling bins. We will meet and be working at MEVO’s headquarters at Three Sisters Farm in Mahwah, NJ at 1170 Ramapo Valley Road. We will start painting at 10 AM and should be done between 2 PM and 3 PM. Please note that we use fairly strong paint on our bins and if you get it on your clothes it will not come out! So please, wear old clothes you don’t mind getting a little MEVO green and blue. In addition, you are welcome to bring food and water, but if you forget, we will provide it for you! We hope to see you all there! For questions, you can email Emma at emmaspett@mevoearth.org or call 201-566-6916. To RSVP for this event simply send an email to mevovolunteers@mevoearth.org with your name, age, phone number and the subject line of “Recycling Bin Creation.” You can also RSVP through Facebook.