Hurricane Sandy and MEVO’s mission

Hurricane Sandy was truly an unmistakable tragedy to the residents of New Jersey. Homes without power. Streets flooded. Life disrupted.
But the relief efforts have been tremendous and communities have proved the words “Jersey Strong” by coming together in this crisis. Saturday, November 10th MEVO volunteers went door-to-door around Mahwah collecting any non-perishable foods, warm blankets and clothes, and cleaning products—enough to fill the backseat and trunk of an SUV! These donations were then given to the Mahwah Fire Department, which will distribute them to communities near the Jersey Shore as well as the shelves of the Center for Food Action.
One of MEVO’s goals is service and at that moment, we made sure to serve our local environments in another way by helping thousands of people who need our help the most. Thank you MEVO for coming together to help our community.