April 6: Palisades Park Cleanup

The MEVO volunteers will be traveling to Palisades Interstate Park in Englewood Cliffs to conduct another cleanup where there is a surplus of trash. The trail goes along a waterfall and a river where the debris resides. That is where we come in to do what we do best: save our environment! We will meet at the local Ramapo Reservation in Mahwah NJ at 10:00AM. Then all of us will commute to Englewood. The event should last until about 2:00pm. Dress warm, wear clothes you do not mind getting dirty. A snack is always also recommended because saving the environment can be thirsty work! For questions, you can email David at davidjaychoi@mevoearth.org or call 201- 916-4530. To RSVP for this event, send an email to mevovolunteers@mevoearth.org with your name, age, phone number and the subject line of “Palisades Park Cleanup.” You can also RSVP through our Facebook.