A Great Opportunity to do Good for MEVO

Well…this is an awkward situation. But let’s get the facts straight.

Yes, this is a toilet bowl. Yes, it is filthy and MEVO found it dumped in the middle of a forest. And yes, unfortunately illegal dumping such as this has happened all over Northern New Jersey from the 1950s to the early 1990s.

However, MEVO arrived to remove this toilet, and will work to remove other types of pollution every chance it can. So join the MEVO movement! We have a summer internship program, available (see the link: http://www.idealist.org/view/internship/dMm2ZkFc8pFP/ ). Apply and spend the summer with MEVO. You’ll have the opportunity to clean-up the environment, experience project management with a non-profit, and learn what the heart (and sweat) of environmental sustainability is all about.

Join us!