MEVO’s Upcoming Trailblazing Activities

MEVO, will be doing something great in the next two weekends, in fact it will be doing some literal trailblazing.

For you see MEVO, has been given the opportunity by the Passaic River Coalition to restore the trails at Highlands Meadow in Ringwood. Currently, the trails are open to the public, but need major work to become more accessible and attractive. So on Sunday June 16th and Saturday June 22nd,  MEVO Earth Crew volunteers will be cutting back and blazing parts of the travel, filling in gravel in the lot, applying signs throughout the trail, and other work to make the trail the best it can be for the public.

The event pages for both days can be found on our Facebook page. We hope to see you at the Highlands Meadow Sunday June 16th and Saturday June 22nd to get this work done! Until then, you stay classy MEVO volunteers!