The Recipe for the Perfect Fence

One of the MEVO Farm Crew’s many triumphs this summer was building a new farm at Pony Power Therapies. And in this photo, you can see the first—and most important—step to our farm building (after finding and plotting out the land and testing the soil) was putting in the fence. For the fence is one of the most important parts of any farm, by keeping unwanted pests out and keeping all desired crops in.

So what are the ingredients for a perfect fence? They are:
•    A trench that is 2 feet deep
•    Sturdy fence posts
•    Chicken wire, which is ideal for keeping out above ground pests such as rabbit and deer and underground pests such as groundhogs, by preventing them from burrowing underground.
•    Shovels
•    Hard workers to put all this into place.

And at the MEVO Farm Crew we had all these ingredients, especially the hard workers with interns Brandon and Kat working to get this fence set up in no time.
Now you know the recipe for a perfect farm fence. Try making one sometime!