How to Feed a Beehive

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to feed a bee? Let us answer that rhetorical question for you, because MEVO has been feeding bees for our beekeeping project since the start of this spring. And here you can see one of our Farm Crew Interns, Lia, in action, giving the bees the food they want to eat.
And what food is that? Well typically MEVO uses sugar water for its young hives to give our bees that inhabit them an easy reliable food source, before they can produce and store honey for themselves. This feeding process goes as follows, by following the photos from left to right:

In Frame 1: She gently lifts the cover of the hive.

In Frame 2: She uses her hive tool to pop out one of the hive frames where the MEVO bees live.

In Frame 3: She puts the food, sugar water, on the frames so the bees can eat it.

In Frame 4: The bees feast and all is well.

And that is how you feed your bees, potential beekeepers. It’s that easy.

photo 2