MEVO and the Botanical Gardens: Past and Present

A picture can say lot. And the two pictures here, the right one from 2010, and the left one from 2013, show MEVO’s dedication to the New Jersey Botanical Gardens in the past and in the present. MEVO has been volunteering at these gardens in Ringwood, New Jersey ever since we were founded over five years ago. That’s over five years of volunteer events now. The Botanical Gardens love MEVO because we’re still doing our best to make sure this park’s beautiful flora stays lush and healthy. And MEVO loves the Botanical Gardens, because working at the Gardens provide a nice break from our long days of trash clean-ups and pollution removal. In short, it’s a beautiful relationship for both organizations.

So let’s keep this awesome bond going strong between MEVO and the Botanical Gardens for many more years to come, by volunteering, keeping the area clean, and generally doing what MEVO does best: providing service and sustainability to the communities of New Jersey.

MEVO Bg Now and Then