The Force of MEVO

That trash you see in the photo? That trash represents the amount of waste and pollution that was in Catherine Avenue in Mahwah, New Jersey. That pollution was too large for any one volunteer, too much for anyone person dedicated to cleaning up the environment. Here you can see one such volunteer, Nick LaBruna, the leader of the MEVO clean-up, trying to use his telepathic force of will to move the trash, with (sadly) little success.

And the thing is, there was way more trash on Catherine Avenue than what we could fit into this measly photo. Yet our volunteer event at Catherine Ave was a huge success, with trash picked up, pollution removed and the MEVO vs Pollution scorecard reading 1 to 0.

So how did we move the garbage of Catherine Ave away, even if it was too much for one volunteer? We had a group of people who wanted to clean up the environment of our town, MEVO, and their efforts were able to change something the way one person would have trouble doing.

So if you want to have a chance to clean up the environment and change the world, go to a MEVO event one of these days and volunteer with us. We’ll all do it together.