Catching MEVO Volunteers on Camera

Who’s this amazing group of people relaxing on the rock? No, MEVO is not photographing random strangers now; these guys are all the MEVO volunteers who helped make our Summer 2013 just awesome. So to thank them for their service, MEVO closed out the summer of 2013 with an awesome party and group hike, bringing all volunteers out to the Ramapo Reservation to explore the natural environment.  Most of our volunteers who didn’t have many chances to explore the Reservation—all 3,000 plus acres—a bit more thoroughly got a chance to see one of Mahwah’s wild places in all its glory.

And, judging by our photographic evidence, we can say the volunteers in this photo had a great time being with MEVO. So come on and volunteer with us, either at one of our events during the month, or intern during the summer. We always want people to add some more style to the MEVO crew.

photo 3(1)