The Founders Behind Our Founder

It’s been said that behind every great leader, there are the great leader’s parents. In the case of MEVO though, the grandparents are just as important. So everyone please meet grandparents TJ and Grace Fuchs, who in this photo can be seen performing the MEVO classic “point-to-the-left” pose.

As the grand-parents of Eric Fuchs-Stengel, our founder, they are among the people who have been involved with MEVO since the beginning  And from being a part of the MEVO Board of Directors (TJ Fuchs, with a tenure of 2011-2012) to working for better ways to send monthly e-mails, to helping make the work of MEVO more well known, TJ and Grace have been doing their best at inspiring more people to join a movement that is making our towns a little bit greener and the world a little bit brighter.

So, thank you TJ and Grace for helping nurture a great leader, and helping to start an organization that will make plenty of great leaders happen. MEVO salutes you.