Volunteers Wanted for MEVO!

Attention, Attention! You might have heard in this Facebook page about all the good things MEVO has done recently, but what if I told you there was something you could do for MEVO? Turns out you can.

MEVO needs help this Saturday September 28th for its stand at Mahwah Day, a day that is dedicated to the awesomeness that is the township of Mahwah, New Jersey.  MEVO will be running a stand where volunteers will be promoting MEVO, and we need two people running the main stand, and two other people walking around to have other people at Mahwah Day sign a volunteer sheet so they can help us with our volunteer events. Another two people will have people at our stand signing a pledge saying that in the next summer MEVO can come to their house and build a composting machine for them.

That is six chances at awesomeness right there and MEVO needs all the help it can get with these positions. So if you want to step up and help out MEVO with one of its biggest events, let us know: e-mail Nico Edwards at nicoedwards@mevoearth.org and we’ll be most glad to have you.

We look forward to seeing YOU at Mahwah Day!