The State of the Harvest: Part One

MEVO’s State of the Harvest Part One:

This is the first part of MEVO’s State of the Harvest, will cover the highlights of Farm to Lives growing season of 2013. For this season we had a great harvest in:

Tomatoes: Our tomatoes were so many that when it came to saving the organic seeds of these tomatoes Farm Manager Matt Jordan and Founder Eric Fuchs-Stengel decided to just set up a MEVO variety pack for the next growing season.

Tomatillos: Elegantly described by one person on the Internet as “small green tomatoes covered by a papery husk” it took several farmer taste tests to determine when they were ripe and not overripe. Great success!

Beans: So many!

Raspberries: Farm Crew members have been harvesting about pint of raspberries a day through September, not counting ones snacked on during the harvesting process.

Watermelon: About three so far, with a few more coming in and tasting great.

Giant Radishes: Overgrown and Proud of It.

Lemon Balm: Tons of which are being dried and made into tea. Hopefully you’ll get some.

To see how our other crops have done, stay tuned for future updates of MEVO’s State of the Harvest!