MEVO’s State of the Harvest: Part 2

MEVO’s State of the Harvest: Part 2
Yesterday, we covered the good parts of MEVOs Summer 2013 Harvest. However, farming isn’t farming without a lot of failures, so we’re sad to say not all our crops were not able to make it to this harvest season.

In memoriam:
Peppers: For reasons unknown to even themselves our Farm Crew planted our hot and sweet peppers in alternating rows, and thanks to rain washing off our tags, only half of the peppers we harvested actually existed, according to Google. Our Farm Manager resorted to taste testing to figure out what was sweet and what wasn’t—needless to say he was very glad to have a working tongue afterwards.

Pumpkins: Deer and raccoons have stolen upwards of ten of our pumpkins at Swan Farm . We’re still trying to file a report with the forest to have those pumpkins returned to us. No luck as of yet with that.

Lichi Tomatoes: None of these ended up growing.

Aunt Ruby Green Tomatoes: We were unaware that we were growing green tomatoes, and they were rotting by the time we noticed them. We did manage to salvage a few seeds though.

Golden Cherry Melons: Harvested, but did not taste good. Formulating theories on why that is.

Cucumbers: None of these ended up growing either.
Still, stuff like this is all in a day’s work for the average farmer. And we’ve managed to do some creative stuff with the surplus of our harvest. Stay tuned for the next update of MEVO’s State of the Harvest. And in the meantime, enjoy the picture of the greenery!

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