The Site for Project B

MEVO has big plans for the upcoming summer, among them a little thing we’d like to call Project B. What is this project? We’ll tell what is in a few more posts. For now though, you can see the future site of Project B, in an area that was once covered with invasive plants in the before photo to the left, but now has had them removed in the after photo to the left, after MEVO went to work on the site.


And why was this invasive plant removal so important to MEVO? Invasive plants is one of the major signs that an ecosystem is out of balance—which in the case of this site, a former wetland filled in with construction debris, definitely was. So one major step towards restoring an ecosystem is removing the invasive species that are in the area.


MEVO is not just going to remove the invasive species. It’s going to help restore this ecosystem. That’s where Project B comes in. Stay tuned for more information.

Before and After Buiding the Apiary(1)