An Update on Project B

MEVO volunteers, we’d like to give some more information about MEVO’s Project B in this post. A key fact: it’s going to involve a lot of refurbished bee hives.

Some context: MEVO has had the good fortune of having beekeeping equipment such as hive boxes donated us. These hive boxes though, might have pests or pathogens in them that could kill any future honey bees that live in the boxes. So MEVO has been sterilizing and refurbishing these boxes with power sanders and blowtorches. In the photo, you can see two volunteers doing just that.

But what are all these beehive boxes going to be refurbished for? That is the goal of Project B, which we’ll reveal in an upcoming post. Until then, stay intrigued.

11.23.2013 Charring Bee Hives