MEVO’s Project B Revealed

MEVO People! A few questions: Are you interested in bees? Do you want to make some of your own honey, but aren’t sure about how to get started in raising bees, harvesting honey, and all other things beekeeping? MEVO is here to help you get started with the finally revealed, Project B.


For Project B, MEVO will be building a bee apiary at Bergen Community College, and we are planning to have over 14 bee hives on that site. These hives will produce not only thousands of pounds of honey, but they will also be used as an educational program for schools, community members, and many other things in the North Jersey Community. And our 14 hives will need a bunch of beekeepers to make it all happen, to manage all these bee-ladies.


So if you’re interested in beekeeping and making difference, sign up with MEVO to be one of our volunteer beekeepers, and embrace the opportunity to help make some honey, and help MEVO’s Project B make history.

11.23.2013 Building Bee Apiary