Catherine Avenue: Shovel Clean

As we progress towards a New Year, MEVO reflects on some of the goals it has achieved so far this year. Among them: a second MEVO internship program, massive tire clean-ups at Stag Hill, and as of last month an awesome volunteer event at Catherine Avenue.

And why was this event so awesome? In short, because Catherine Avenue is now shovel clean! MEVO volunteers were finally able to shovel out all the insulation, tar shingles, paint chips, and other nasty things polluting the old foundation of a house in one of Catherine Avenue’s vacant lots.

This means a lot to MEVO, because soon this vacant lot will be converted into something better: an organic garden, a native plant meadow, and a community green space. Out of the pollution and waste, something productive and positive will take place.

This is only one of the few changes MEVO will be making this year. We hope for you to join us in them, by either volunteering or raising some money for us. Either one can help our shovel clean Catherine Avenue lot become something much more than that.

11.16.2013 Shovelled Clean