The Two Volunteers

While MEVO Founder Eric Fuchs-Stengel might have been MEVO’s first ever volunteer, it was MEVO’s second volunteer that got the whole sustainable living, environment saving, movement of MEVO going.And who was this first volunteer? Sam Berman, avid MEVO supporter, good friend of Eric Fuchs-Stengel, and all around great guy, whose currently finishing up his senior year at Rutgers University. And in the photo below, he made sure to give Eric some awesome congratulations for winning the NJ Governors Environmental Excellence Award.

So let’s get some likes for this MEVO love, for our volunteers #1 and #2, Eric Fuchs-Stengel and Sam Berman. And don’t forget to support some of MEVO’s New Years Resolutions for 2014 by clicking the link below.

11.18.2013 Eric with First Volunteer