What: Garbage, from previous MEVO clean-ups, is still piled along the sides of the trails. We are going to move that garbage into a truck to be properly disposed.
Where: We will MEET at Ramapo Reservation (610 Ramapo Valley Road, Mahwah, NJ) and then COMMUTE to Stag Hill.
When: Saturday, January 25th @ 10:00am (Be prepared to work for 3-4 hours)
Why: Illegal dumping of tires and trash has been occurring at this site for countless years. The detrimental pollution will inevitably impact our community and we want to prevent it from doing such damage.
Bring: Boots, thick clothes you don’t mind getting dirty, a snack, and water!
RSVP on Facebook or email us at nicoedwards@mevoearth.org