What a MEVO Intern Learns

Observe, one of MEVO’s past Farm Crew Interns, Brittany Cronin, showing off harvested tomatoes she gathered on a MEVO field trip to Brooke Farm in New Paltz, New York. She is clearly enjoying being outdoors as well as figuring out the fine art of growing delicious food.

In her time at MEVO, Brittany has learned about beekeeping, organic farming, and what it takes to take action to solve environmental problems from local to global. She also went on several MEVO educational field trips to local organic farms in the area, such as Brooke Farm.

If you want to learn the stuff Brittany learned, as well as have some awesome adventures in the process, MEVO is proud to say it is planning on hosting another round of internships for Farm and Earth Crew this coming summer of 2014. So, if you want to do something sustainable this summer, MEVO might have some work for you to do.

Stay tuned for more information.