The Most Sustainable Town in New Jersey

MEVO is proud to have obtained some recent information about its headquarters and hometown of Mahwah, New Jersey. Mahwah has been recently ranked the safest town in all of New Jersey. How did Mahwah do this? The cohesiveness of it’s community, of which MEVO is glad to be a part of.

But MEVO wants to take this one step further. We hope to make Mahwah, NJ not only the safest community in our state but also the most sustainable. How will we do this? Through educational farming, beekeeping, and teaching members of our communities about the environment we live in.

These are big goals. But we know we can do it and we know you can help. Like MEVO’s Facebook page for it’s 1 Like, 1 Dollar campaign, going on until the end of January. Volunteer with us whenever you are in the area and have the time. But most importantly, spread the word by sharing this post about how MEVO is going to transform New Jersey’s safest community into its most sustainable one. We’re counting on you.