Ladies and gentlemen, we’d like you to meet an Original MEVO Volunteer: Dmitry Merkulov.

Dmitry started with MEVO at our first volunteer event in 2008 and since then his titles have included: MEVO’s web developer, beekeeper for our hives, trash clean-up leader, general handyman, and, of course, HEAVY LIFTER.

Dmitry has single handedly built, hosted, and maintained MEVO’s website, which includes four re-designs of the site. He has carried out hours of volunteer work and has spent more timerolling tires and carrying cinder blocks than he could possibly remember.

And in 2013, Dmitry received MEVO’s highest volunteer award: the Dedication and Leadership award, which is given out to only a tiny handful of our volunteers.

So if you love MEVO and the work we do you have one man to thank:

Dmitry Merkulov, we salute you!