To be the model for the creation of scalable ecological solutions that inspires and empowers people to take action for a better future.

To help communities create social value change to achieve a better and healthier future through strategic volunteerism and directive education.

Youth Activism
MEVO is a youth lead and youth empowering organization. MEVO goes above and beyond traditional environmental organizations by training youth to become environmental leaders and change agents. We believe in leading by example and engaging in direct hands-on action towards creating a more sustainable world. By inspiring students and young people and providing them with the tools to succeed, we instill in them the drive to become leaders in their community who will create a lifetime of positive environmental change. Many youth leaders trained by our organization have gone on to receive local and national awards, recognitions, and have been hired into full-time jobs with environmental and not-for-profit organizations.

is the goal and founding belief of MEVO. It broadly reflects the recognition that our actions today affect our prospects for tomorrow, and increasingly, these actions will affect the quality of life and prospects of future generations. The actions MEVO takes by organizing volunteer service events are aimed to promote environmental sustainability, to reduce negative impact on the environment and promote environmentally friendly lifestyles.