Bergen Highlands Ramsey Rotary Club

Bergen Highlands Ramsey Rotary Club


Bergen Highlands Ramsey Rotary Club is glad to support our community through MEVO’s efforts with recycling barrels. These will be placed in various locations in our area for trash recepticles in public areas, composting, and recycling. Helping keep our parks, hiking trails, and public places clean is one additional way we channel our energies both in our area and around the world.

Rotary International has over 32,000 clubs around the world like ours, and over 1.3 million members! If you would like to join us for a meeting to learn what we are about, please join us at Houlihans on Rt. 17 at 12:15 PM. We meet every Monday!

– Howard Schreiber, Member

Why They’re Awesome

Thanks to the Bergen Highlands Ramsey Rotary Club’s generous donation, MEVO received 200 barrels that can be used for composting, recycling, catching rain water and so many more possible environmental projects in Northern New Jersey.