Brushy Mountain Bee Farm

Brushy Mountain Bee Farm


Brushy Mountain Bee Farm was established in 1977. Since the beginning, we have served thousands of beekeepers across the country with the best beekeeping equipment in the industry. As a part of the beekeeping community, we are committed to manufacturing top quality equipment, providing the best service and support, and are devoted to helping beekeepers succeed. This is the year to become a beekeeper and BMBF is the source that will help you get started!

– Daniel Roath, Designer

Our Farm Crew Intern is installing the first NUCS  into our donated Brushy Mountain Bee Hives and feeding the new bees sugar water.

Brushy Mountain Hive 1

The 8 Frame Donated Brushy Mountain hives installed, facing south east, and ready for students to come learn about beekeeping!

Brushy Mountain Hive 2