NJ Botanical Gardens / Skylands Association

NJ Botanical Gardens / Skylands Association


The NJBG/Skylands Association is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that was founded in 1976 to help the State of New Jersey preserve and restore the Gardens and Manor House, and to develop programs for the public. The Association receives no funding from the State or on-premises operators. Volunteers are always welcome.

Our mission is to stimulate a greater appreciation of the relationship between gardens and people through education, research, and the conservation of natural and architectural heritage.

Over the last few years, many teams of MEVO volunteers have provided willing hands to help with plantings, cleanup, pruning and other garden work in this lovely part of the State Park system. Over the course of nine work sessions at NJBG, MEVO has fielded 91 volunteers who provided 425 volunteer hours. Among other things, they helped plant over 3,000 daffodils which create a splendid spring display each year.

When the property was a private estate, 60 full-time gardeners were employed there; today, the State has only a small handful of workers. Without the help of groups like MEVO, it simply wouldn’t be the wonderful public resource it is. We are always glad to welcome your teams of volunteers, and appreciate the skills and enthusiasm they bring to the projects they undertake. Cheerful, energetic and engaged, they also understand the value of protecting valuable community resources like the New Jersey State Botanical Garden.

On behalf of the hundreds of volunteers working to protect and improve the New Jersey State Botanical Garden, we’d like to extend our heartfelt thanks for your group’s generous contributions of time and effort to keep the State Botanical Garden looking its best. Each year, over 130,000 Garden visitors enjoy the benefits of your hard work.

– Maja Britton, NJBG Board of Directors