Puzzle Farms

Puzzle Farms


Puzzle Farms began in the spring of 2012, hoping to find a productive, purposeful lifestyle for adults with developmental disabilities. It is a hands-on agricultural training program. Young adults are actively involved in the seed to table experience. We are currently farming in Ringwood on open-space land owned by the Passaic River Coalition. Puzzle Farms was incorporated with the state of NJ in 2013 and became a 501(c)3 public charity in June of 2014. Pictures and contact info at www.puzzlefarms.org or call Brian or Sue at 973-962-6769.

We at Puzzle Farms truly believe it takes a village, not just to raise children but to most efficiently succeed in anything worth doing well. It is important for local ground roots organizations to support each other, especially when our goals align. The sharing of ideas, information, energy, materials and resources is vital to the long term life and growth of each organization. We are happy to be part of MEVO’s village.

– Brian Griffin