TevaLand is a therapeutic petting farm, located in the beautiful historical land of the Ramapo mountains. Dedicated to rescued animals, we are making nature accessible for all kids, and the kid in all of us.

Privately owned small homestead, TevaLand was established by us, a married couple, as a personal mission . After a lifetime of being certified educators, we dedicated our life to pursue our love and appreciation to nature, and allow people to touch and be touched by it.

Tevaland is a place dedicated to nature and rescued animals. As such it was only natural to have MEVO help. When we contacted MEVO we didn’t know how much more than just help we will get –  true friends and inspiration! it is inspiring to see quality young adults dedicated to such good causes and supporting the environment, in such dedication and genuine love. Especially in our modern technological times. Our MEVO friends  were eager and passionate to learn about our homestead and caring for dairy goats. MEVO volunteers helped us in many ways,and most importantly in training the animals (out children), handling them, providing the rescued animals a loving care that conditioned them back to friendly interaction with people again. Thank you guys and we hope to support you more in years to come.

– Taly Ron, Farmer / Educator