November 14th: Clean-Up Hike

On November 14th, 2009 at 11:00 A.M volunteers interested may attend a M.E.V.O. clean-up hike at the Ramapo County Reservation in Mahwah NJ. The upper reservoir lake has been drained substantially and this may be our one chance to clear the surfaced pollution inside the drained part of the reservoir! M.E.V.O. needs all the help we can get so the more volunteers the better, so don’t hesitate bring your friends along!  For this event M.E.V.O. recommends bringing water, hiking boots, food, and clothes appropriate for occasion, M.E.V.O. will supply trash bags and gloves.  Ramapo County Reservation is very significant to M.E.V.O., it is where M.E.V.O. first began and where the dream of M.E.V.O. first developed from.  It is important to remember our roots and to preserve the land that inspired it all.  Hope to see you there!