March 27th: Video Environmental Awareness Team

The “Video Environmental Awareness Teamor (VEAT) is back in action! Sal Capuano, the Director of Visual Arts, is restarting the team with big plans of making several in-depth environmental films. These videos will be aimed at raising environmental awareness and spreading the word about M.E.V.O. and what we are doing to help the environment.  If you are interested in joining the Video Environmental Awareness Team,  please send an e-mail to with following info included: Name, Age, and Phone Number.

The first meeting for the Video Environmental Awareness Team will take place on…
Saturday, March 27th at 11:00 A.M. at 470 Mahogany Ct. Mahwah NJ.
The meeting will be the initial reformation of the Team and preparation for filming M.E.V.O.’s newest environmental film.