May 22nd : Trail Maintaining with NYNJTC

M.E.V.O. will be volunteering with The New York New Jersey Trail Conference to help reroute the Appalachian Trail at Bear Mountain State Park, in Bear Mountain New York. We will be helping with any volunteer work that NYNJTC needs help with. For example this work could include, Stone and rock moving, rehabilitating trails by planting native species of plants and trees, or cutting and clearing trails using cutters and picks. Please keep in mind that the work we will be doing is very strenuous and the physical labor will be tiring. Only come volunteer with M.E.V.O. if you think you can handle a lot of hard work. We will be carpooling to this event to reduce CO2 emissions by traveling in less vehicles. We will be meeting at 1024 Ash Drive Mahwah NJ to carpool to Bear Mountain from there. If you want to lend a helping hand, then send an e-mail to with “Trail Maintaining” in the subject. In the e-mail include your name, age, and phone number.