High-Performance Irrigation Systems

aka: timed water sprinkler

This is the new high performance irrigation sprinkler that was donated to Farm to Live, MEVO’s sustainable organic farm. Not only has it been able to keep our beds from drying out in the summer heat and make our fruits and veggies grow really big, but it’s a super solution to prevent over-watering and water waste. We can time the sprinkler to turn on during the times of day that are best for water absorption, we can target specific spots of the beds that need extra water and avoid those that don’t, and we don’t have to lift a finger while doing it! So this awesome donation is saving us time, money, labor and the environment all at the same time!

Now we’re looking for ways to recollect the water that comes out of the sprinkler. If anyone knows methods of recollection, we’d love to hear about them! And of course, any watering or gardening advice is welcome!

For more information on timed sprinklers, here are a couple informative articles: