October 14: Invasive Species Removal

Come and join MEVO as we spend our day removing invasive plant species at Bear Mountain State Park in Stony Point, NY. We will be removing such invasives like Barberry Bushes and Garlic Mustard. If you’ve volunteered with us before, you’d be well aware that invasive plant species have been a huge problem in New Jersey. Invasive species such as the Garlic Mustard plant, which is native to only Europe, prevent native species from growing, causing a detrimental effect on the surrounding environment. Therefore, we need your help to make Bear Mountain State Park free of invasives to restore balance to the ecosystem. Volunteers should wear long sleeves and pants since the barberry bush has extremely sharp thorns. Also, it would be much appreciated if you can bring your own loppers and gardening scissors to clear out the invasive species. Volunteers will meet at the Ramapo Valley County Reservation at 9 AM to carpool and we should be completed with the work between 2 PM and 3 PM. Make sure you bring clothes you don’t mind getting a little dirty as well as lunch and lots of water. For questions, email Alex at azhang@mevoearth.org or call 917-456-2826. To RSVP for this event simply send an email to mevovolunteers@mevoearth.org with your name, age, phone number and the subject line “Invasive Plant Species Removal at Bear Mountain State Park.” You can also RSVP through Facebook.