MEVO Summer Crew…Thanks!

Kristen Bailey, Eric Fuchs-Stengel, Sophia Japhet, Dmitry Merkulov, David Nicholson, Jordan Swenson, Nicole Riccio, Luther Richardson, Kei Thurber, Alex Zhang, and everyone else on the MEVO Summer Crew…this goes out to you!

The summer of 2012 has ended and our summer crew members have gone back to school, work, and life in other places. For the record, this was the first summer MEVO had a Summer Crew Internship Program and some of its major accomplishments were…a) Donating 56 pounds of organic food to the Center of Food Action and the families they feed b) Helped plan the largest volunteer in MEVO history with over 130 volunteers c) Distributed 123 recycling bins to townships, homes, and families equal to removing 369 cubic feet of methane from the atmosphere each year d) Removed a quarter of an acre of invasive species from Bergen Community College, clearing the soil for a native eco-system e) Built three organic gardens in three different towns f) And in total dedicating 982 volunteer hours to North Jersey communities and the environment!

We will be hiring summer crew and summer crew leaders again this coming summer so stay tuned and be proud of the excellent job you did!