February 16: Hike of the Month

February is a terrific month to enjoy a brisk hike with all your pals from MEVO. Get your last fill of the winter air and breeze at the Ramapo Reservation this month. It’s always beneficial to take in the wonders of the natural environment, so that we know what we’re fighting to protect! Come to the hike, meet some news & old friends, and enjoy the outdoors. We will be meeting at 11:00 am and as usual wear warm clothing and bring a snack if needed. For questions, you can email David at davidjaychoi@mevoearth.org or call 201- 916-4530. To RSVP for either of these events, send an email to mevovolunteers@mevoearth.org with your name, age, phone number and the subject line “Hike of the Month” or call 917-456-2826. You can also RSVP through our Facebook.