A MEVO Alum Wins Big.

Keith Shane, ex-MEVO “Earth Crew Coordinator”, just won big.

Specifically, the $5,000 McHenry Award from the Open Space Institute. But first, a little background. This award is given to provide financial support for pairings of young leaders and exemplary projects that make significant contributions to the areas of environmental conservation, historic preservation, arts and tourism in the Hudson River Valley. An organization in the area will sponsor the young leader they believe will be the best fit for their project, and if Open Space agrees with their choice the young leader gets $5,000.

Now, Keith Shane will be acting as head of one of the New York- New Jersey Trail Conference Invasive Strike Force Team over the summer, and thanks to his MEVO experience—1,283 hours logged to date—has let him get the Open Space Institute’s big award. Congrats Keith, keep up the excellent work.