MEVO’s Showing Off Spring Spirit

.Its spring and MEVO is excited. Not just because of things like April showers and May Flowers but by the Suffren Public Spirit Showcase. MEVO will be participating in this springtime-themed event that’s being held on April 24th from 6-8 pm at the Crowne Plaza Hotel & Conference Center, at 3 Executive Boulevard in Suffern, New York, Mahwah’s next door neighbor. Over 20 non-profit organizations, MEVO included, will be attending for an evening of fun and refreshments to celebrate the work these non-profits bring to the community. It costs $15 for members & guests of non-profits to attend and $30 for non-members to attend. So join MEVO and the Public Spirit Showcase and learn about the good we, and other local organizations, are doing to make our communities a better place to be.