MEVO’s new Bucket Brigade

They say inspiration comes from all places, especially the @Jolly Rovers Trail Crew. So MEVO has adopted the Trail Crew’s Bucket Brigade, to combat a large demand for a lot of woodchip mulch into MEVO’s garden. For you see, for MEVO’s container gardens  woodchip mulch is good for smothering out weeds around the containers and for putting in walkways that won’t get muddy. But how do we move these large amounts of materials a far distance? Well, we recommend a bucket brigade. Simply, we fill up buckets, spread out our team members over a long line (the more team members the better) and pass buckets along the line to the FRONT DUMP (or point person or the man/woman in front or whatever we’d like to call him or her) who will dump all the mulch in the front location. From there we rinse and repeat, until the job is done.

So do you want to join this Bucket Brigade as well as learn other things about farming? Volunteer for MEVO this summer and learn this and other valuable skills.