A Very Special Birthday!

Consider this a birthday card for Earth Day, the holiday turning 43 years old today, officially being older than most (if not all) the volunteers who have been around to make MEVO such an awesome place to be. However, this old timer still has a lot to teach us, and while some aspects of the world Earth Day came into being in no longer exist—the Soviet Union, Ronald Reagan, and disco to name a few—others, like the beauty of nature, the pollution and waste that damage it, and, of course, the ability for a person to change the world for the better in his own small way. These are the things that Earth Day and MEVO stand for.

So happy 43rd Birthday, Earth Day. We at MEVO hope to celebrate many more birthdays with you in the future.  But for now, let’s enjoy this one.

In short: Happy Earth Day Everyone! Let’s all take care of the wonderfully small and beautiful world we live in.