MEVO’s Prizes for Environmentalism

As you might be able tell from the items laid out in this photo, your decision to help MEVO clean up pollution at Stag Hill on this Saturday, August 3rd, has the potential to be quite rewarding. For if you and a team decided to sign up to remove trash from Stag Hill in Mahwah, New Jersey on that day, and if you’re team removes the largest, second-largest, and third-largest amounts of trash, you’ll have a chance to win one of these three prizes.

For first prize: This 32 inch Plasma TV, valued at $280 which leaves all the images in sharp HD pixels.

For second prize: This Portable Audio System, valued at $250, that’s compatible with i-phones, i-pods, cds, and includes dual subwoofing, as well as microphone or guitar inputs.

For third prize:  This Plasmacluster Ion Generator, valued at $90, and which refreshes the air in your car. Small enough to fit in your cup holder and has fans that keeps its work, library quiet.

And if these prizes are not enough, consider the greatest prize of them all: the joy of the doing the right thing. So come on down this Saturday to Stag Hill, in Mahwah, from 10 am-4pm. And get ready to win big.