An Ode to the DPW

Wednesday, April 30 2014 was Keith Hallissey’s last day at the Mahwah Department of Public Works, or DPW. He is retiring after countless years of service to Mahwah and our community members.
People often call MEVO unsung heroes but the true unsung heroes are the guys who have been there with us cleaning up our trash with us since 2008. Without the Mahwah DPW none of the trash MEVO has removed from the forests of Stag Hill or other areas would ever have been cleaned up. The DPW has provided: dumpsters, trucks, tractors, staff, gloves, pizza, water, and support for all of our clean-ups.

Today we are happy to announce that we have awarded the Mahwah DPW and Keith Hallissey MEVO’s highest honour: The Service, Dedication, and Leadership Award for six years of continuous support and partnership on all of MEVO’s clean-ups. THANK YOU DPW. You truly are an amazing partner!