Colorful Produce

So. Much. Colorful. Produce. If you want to have a sample of such delicious and tasty fresh vegetables, consider purchasing a CSA from MEVO. It's only $37 per week from June to November (quite the deal!) For more information, check out the link below....

A Chance to Enjoy MEVO’s Bounty

This tomato bounty is just a taste of the harvest MEVO will have this Summer 2017. If you want a piece of this harvest, consider joining our CSA. For $37 per week, from June to November, you will have access to the very finest produce MEVO has to offer, as we harvest...

Suez and Family Volunteer Day

Three days until Family Volunteer Day! Suez Water was one of our major sponsors for the 2016 Volunteer Day and will be continuing this tradition in 2017. Thank you Suez for your support! For more info on Family Volunteer Day, click on the link...

The Leaders

Behold our 2016 Summer Intern Crew Leaders, from left to right: MEVO Founder and Executive Director Eric Fuchs-Stengel, Brett Brandes, Ryan Martens, Isabel Arrieche, and Patrick Suddeth. If you want to be part of a group of leaders like these, you'll be interested in...

Family Volunteer Day, Happening Soon!

Volunteers of all ages are invited to assist MEVO in building a community garden at our Fresh Roots Educational Farm. Visit, and sign up now. For the event itself we recommend bug spray, sunscreen, sneakers, and a hat.

Get Ready for Family Volunteer Day

Two weeks from today, MEVO will be hosting Family Volunteer Day with the Bergen County Volunteer Center from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm at our Fresh Roots Educational Farm. Register while you can, and enjoy the photos of these volunteers in the meantime.

MEVO Wants You!

If you have a craving for adventure, being outdoors, and spreading a message of ecological sustainability this summer, MEVO wants you for our summer internship program! For more information, please e-mail us at

Interns Wanted

MEVO is looking for summer interns. For anyone interested in: beekeeping, farming, trail rebuiliding, grant writing, environmental justice, community trash clean-ups, visiting organic farms, traveling to Vermont, going to Ashrams, and having fun and building...

The Farm is Green

Our farm is getting green and excited for summer to arrive and for our incoming interns to stop on by and grow some crops. In the meantime, Fresh Roots Farm waits in anticipation.