Last Year’s Summer Hike

Behold the very first day of the MEVO Summer Interns in 2016. We had a hike to get everyone together and learn about the plans for the summer. We're plannin a similar hike for all our interns this summer. For details, email us at

The Satoh Tractor

Observe the MEVO Satoh Tractor from when we first picked it up at Cropsey Community Farm in New York. Now this tractor has been put to work at our educational farm, moving compost, and making things happen.

Interns at the Ashram

The MEVO Summer Interns of 2016, along with friends, MEVO Board Membes, and the one and only MEVO Executive Director Eric Fuchs-Stengel, pose for a group photo as the sun sets on Ananda Ashram in Monroe, New York. We plan on visiting the Ashram this year again, and...


A proud volunteer stands over the bricks and paving stones MEVO uses all over our Fresh Roots Educational Farm. Keep your eye out for the grey paving stones in particular, because they're a key part of our new greenhouse.

Compost is Important!

Compost is an important organic fertilizer, which is why our volunteers take the time to spread it around our educational farm to make sure our crops get the nutrition we need, and why donors give a lot of it to our farm. Go compost!

Community Giving day is Here

TODAY IS THE DAY to buy fresh, wholesome food at #WholeFoodsMarket! Why? 5% of all sales from Bergen County stores will go to helping MEVO complete our greenhouse so we can continue our work promoting sustainable agriculture through education and experiential...

500 Pounds Harvested

This is what close to 500 pounds of organic food looks like that was raised and harvested by our 2016 MEVO Farm Crew. If you want to have a part in harvesting such bounty, consider joining our 2017 Farm Crew this summer!

Empty the Fridge!

Let your fridge get nice and empty! Why? So you can fill it back up this Wednesday,March 29th and participate in Community Giving Day at #WholeFoodsMarkets in Bergen County, where 5% of the sales for the day will go to supporting our educational...

Six Days Left

6 DAYS LEFT until 5% Community Giving Day! Come shop at #WholeFoodsMarket in Ridgewood, Paramus, Closter, or Edgewater on Wednesday March 29th! 5% of all sales for the day will go to support MEVO! By shopping at Whole Foods Markets in Bergen County on this day you...