Spring at Stag Hill

This past Spring of 2016, the MEVO Truck and dedicated volunteers went up to Stag Hill in Mahwah, New Jersey, to take on the environmental pollution that was occurring there. We'll be back this upcoming April, ready to tackle this pollution and improve our community.

Thank You Suez New Jersey

Thank you Suez New Jersey! We are happy to call Suez one of our biggest partners. Not only do they donate to our environmental work, but many of their employees come out and volunteer at our farms. These volunteers are working at our Bergen Community College Garden.

We Have Raw Honey

WE HAVE HONEY! And we are selling it to support our MEVO beekeeping program. Our honey is raw, local, and straight from the hive. We would love for you to have some. You can buy it on our website at this link....

Samsung Volunteers

You might know Samsung for their awesome technology, but we know them for their awesome volunteers. We are happy to say they are one of our partners volunteering at our farm.

Thanks, David Howard

This is David Howard, MEVO Veteran Volunteer. For one of his classes at Ramapo College, David has taken over building MEVO a refrigerator inside one of our box trailers. This trailer will be used to refrigerate all of our fruits and vegetables this coming spring. This...

Matt Braun!

Matt Braun! Man of MEVO and Volunteer smiles as he reclines upon a bountiful pile of wood. Matt has played a big role this past summer as an intern, and this autumn as a dedicated volunteer. Thank you Matt for all your help!

Thank You Dwight-Engelwood

This fall we had the pleasure of volunteering with over 120 students from the Dwight-Englewood School in Engelwood, New Jersey. The entire senior class and volunteered at the farm, helping us get lots of work accomplished. We look forward to seeing them again this...

Good Luck Richard!

Meet Richard, one of our court-ordered community service members. He worked for us this fall, and finished hours doing a huge array of projects from wielding backpack sprayers to building drying racks. Thank you so much for your service Richard! Good luck in 2017.

MEVO’s Bee Equipment

That’s a whole lot of bee…equipment. Our honeybees live inside wooden Langstroth Hives, which were a revolutionary invention in the history of beekeeping. They allow us to happily tend to our bees, and harvest honey, without destroying the hive.