Who are we?
Farm to Live is an organic farming project started by crazy cool New York University students who all love the Earth and good food. Our mission is to create organic, sustainable farms and empower people through ethical agriculture.

Our story…
It started with a vision. We saw our country’s relationship with food deteriorate, affecting our well-being and the health of the environment. We saw low-income families without access to healthy, fresh food or the right education about nutrition. We saw large tracts of land in our local suburbs unused and wasted. We saw the growing sustainable food movement in New York City and across the country. After seeing all this we thought, why not start a farm? This vision became reality.

Where are we?
Our first projects brought us to Mahwah, NJ and Paramus, NJ where we were generously donated over an acre of land by the Spetts and Bergen Community College. Under the guidance of the Mahwah Environmental Volunteers Organization, Farm to Live will begin planting at these two locations in the Spring of 2010.

Where does our food go?
A percentage of the food produced will be given to local, low-income residents free of charge to encourage conscious eating and nutritional awareness. By offering healthy, alternative food and through education and engagement, we will promote environmental literacy as well as reflect a positive community partnership between NYC and the local residents.

Who can get involved?
Everyone is invited to volunteer as members of the Farm Corps and will receive free produce in exchange for their time. Our vegetable oil-powered vans give volunteers a cost-free mode of transportation out of New York City at least two or three weekends a month. Spend the weekend or a day volunteering on our farms. Learning about sustainability and agriculture practices in a stress-free and relaxed farming environment.

In a word…
Farm to Live aims to build social consciousness and grow a sustainable, healthy food system. We seek to educate and inspire, planting a farming community that lives generously with people and the Earth.