Our Farmers

We maintain all the gardens we have with volunteers. These volunteers come to our gardens and farms year round and dedicate themselves and their time to growing food. Whether they come twice a year or twice a week our gardens thrive off the dedication, love, and passion of our volunteers. Some of the most important volunteers are our, “Farm Maintainers,” the dedicated people that no matter what weather or what season are always willing to come to the gardens and water, harvest, build, or do anything else needed in order to ensure healthy plants. Thank you volunteers and thank you farm maintainers! Do you want to be a Farm Maintainer or volunteer on our farms? contact us by e-mail at farmtolive@mevoearth.org or call us at 201-316-4888.

Current Farm Maintainers:

Dmitry Merkulov

Peter Haunestein

Sol Ezra (Farmer Sol)

Rebecca Fuchs

Estefany Alavarado

Paul Radziewicz

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