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All the Food MEVO grows is donated to local hunger organizations and our volunteers. To date MEVO grown 130 pounds of vegetables and fruits and 45 pounds of pumpkins. 115 pounds of these vegetables and fruits were donated to local hunger organizations, 15 pounds were donated to our volunteers. We donate our food to any hunger organization we can find a way to get the food to. The more food we grow each year the more food we donate to hunger organizations. Would you like to receive some of the vegetables and fruits MEVO grows? Or do you have ideas on where we should donate our food? We would love to hear from you, please e-mail us at or call us at 201-316-4888.

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Our food is grown clean and good directly in tune with the goals of our organization: “Service, Sustainability and Environment.” That means we do not use chemical pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers. We don’t use F1 Hybrid Seeds or Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) seeds. We don’t use fossil fuel powered tools to maintain our plants, except for the occasional electric hand drill. We produce our compost and distribute our food as locally as possible. We focus on building our soil’s natural balance full of minerals and nutrients. We use recycled materials of all types to build our gardens. We are constantly researching permaculture, regenerative, sustainable, biodynamic, organic and other clean growing methods in order to better design our gardens. In addition, we are constantly trying to implement new strategies to conserve resources and grow food that is truly sustainable. We are not experts on growing food, but seed by seed we are getting better at growing our food in a way that makes it taste great and be the healthiest possible for the person that eats it.

The organizations that have received our food…

Year 2011 – 2012: 115 pounds Center for Food Action

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