Earth Crew was the first program MEVO founded in 2008. Back then, it wasn’t called Earth Crew it was just called MEVO. The idea was simple: bring people together and have them stop environmental problems with their own bare hands. Earth Crew has accomplished a lot. One event after another it has made a difference for the environment in New Jersey and the world.

Collected, recycled and disposed of thousands of pounds of trash from NJ communities.

Rehabilitated 11 miles of badly soil eroded hiking trail and helped build 6 miles of hiking trail.

Up-cycled 216 industrial shipping containers into “recycling bins,” saving them from the landfill.
This is the equivalent of preventing 648 cubic feet of methane from entering the atmosphere each year.

Distributed over 2610 compact fluorescent light bulbs to homes.
Over the lifetime of these bulbs they prevent 1,099,828.77 lbs (500 tons or 135 cars) of CO2 emissions from entering the atmosphere.


Planted more than 65 trees.


Engaged youth in experiencing the outdoors in over 24 monthly group hikes.


Volunteered for State Parks, NJ Botanical Gardens and other community organizations.